A better way to engage your fans.

Here at OpenAura, we believe fans deserve to experience digital music like they experience life, with vibrant imagery and contextual data that captures them in the moment. We’re building a platform to help bring this vision to life.

Through partnerships with artists, record labels and professional photographers, along with our own machine-based intelligence, our unique solution is the key to engaging fans and moving your entertainment experience into the future.

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Control your presence. Delight your fans.

Captivate fans with your best visuals and most up-to-date info at the time they’re most focused on you. As an artist, you also have an opportunity to make money from a new revenue stream.

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You have stunning content.

We have the platform to make it sing.

As an OpenAura Content Partner, the vibrant photos you take of artists can be seen by them and their fans. Best of all, you can earn money for your art.

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Tools to make apps come alive.

Whether you're designing a website, a mobile app, or the next streaming service, OpenAura provides the visual content, data and intelligence required to create engaging artist experiences.

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Our Team

We’re a San Francisco-based company supported by a strong team with a proven track record in music and technology. Our founder/CEO, Kevin Arnold has been at the forefront of the independent music scene for more than 20 years with a focus on creating businesses that support growth in the music community. His history includes stints at Oracle, Listen.com and Rhapsody. Prior to OpenAura, he was the founder of global digital distributor, IODA, San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival and Treasure Island Music Festival.